Central European Rural Youth Centre Project



Countries at different stages of development accessed the European Union in the course of the EU's enlargements in 2004 and 2007. This is particularly true for the young farmers' organisations having structures, human and financial resources that do not even resemble to those of the organisations of the earlier EU members.

The organisations of the new members need surplus services to get the good organizational functionality. The surplus services have to reply to the challenge of the various agricultural traditions and the social differences. Especially organisational development activities are the ones most missing.

The organisational co-operation already has a tradition in the course of the CERYC in the Central European Region. Improvement of these is the basis of this project. In the designation the phrase "Center" (instead of "Co-operation") refers to an institutionalized co-operation.

The object

The object of this project is to establish and to run a permanent institution (Central European Rural Youth Center, CERYC), which primarily cares for the young farmers' organisations in Central Europe. The institution's primary task is the preparation and implementation of projects, organise and serve the activity at regional level. Essentially the object is to run a permanent working team for the regional activity.

This project is to ensure the personal and infrastructural conditions at daily level. The project is not aimed at ensuring the necessary financial sources for each programme. The staff of CERYC has to find these via external, especially tender-based sources.

Particular Activities

Realization of the following programmes are in the focus of the CERYC's work

- Website at ceryc.eu, introducing the organisations of the regions, and their activities.
- A periodical called European Young Farmer, about the common programs and activities.
- Research project to measure the organisational potential and the domestic and international contact network of the young farmer associations from the region. Results of this research project form the basis of a regional organisational development project.
- Resource map, containing the national and EU sources available for young farmers.
- Organisation of conferences and trainings on actual issues, as resources permit.
- Co-ordinated and regular organisation of professional visits and exchange programs.
- Preparation of mutual programs, depending on the opening EU sources. Priority targets thereof are the lifelong learning, communication of the Common Agricultural Policy, and efficient utilisation of the information technology possibilities.


The CERYC is the regional sub-centre of CEJA and manages the tasks, which the CEJA commissions to do so.

CERYC has already produced some outcomes. Launching the establishment of an independent young farmer organisation in Romania and in Slovakia must be mentioned amongst these. Registration is already taking place in Slovakia. Both countries has joined the professional work of CEJA, there has been an official contact established between their representatives and the President of CEJA.


The Council of Supervision determines the strategic objectives, main elements, and contents thereof for the CERYC activity. The representatives of all organisations from the region and the CEJA take place in the Council of Supervision. The Council of Supervision holds a meeting at least once a year.

The staff of CERYC is responsible to transform the strategic aims into actual programs, find the necessary resources, and execute programs.

CERYC staff includes two permanent positions and an internship. Interns are rotating temporarily, chosen via organisations operating in the region. Office infrastructure necessary for operation is provided by AGRYA.

Administrative background (auditing, bank account, legal guarantees etc.) is also provided by AGRYA. The AGRYA will be the formal applicant in CERYC programs.

The project is a mutual one of CEJA and AGRYA. Foundation of the project wes subject to a preceptive agreement of the two organisations. The project is open for accession for organisations from the region.


Financial resources for the operation of CERYC are provided by AGRYA. This covers salary of staff, communication and travel expanses.

The project shall be self-supportive in three-years-time. In order to achieve this, project oriented operation is needed from the very first period.

Operation of CERYC shall not increase the expanses of CEJA, or other regional bodies.

October 2007, Budapest


Office: H-1138 Budapest Váci út 134/C
Telephone/fax: +36 1 3200429
E-mail: ceryc@ceryc.eu
Webpage: www.ceryc.eu